Aaran Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Balambu-5, Kathmandu, Nepal

About Product : Industrial Shed

Industrial Shed

We Have The Range...
Factories, warehouses, office buildings, mini storage, commercial centres, churches, shops, aero-plane hangars - You name it we've got it!
Our buildings are designed to be constructed without any special tools or building knowledge. Erect it yourself and save. Precision cut lengths and accurately drilled holes - mean less site work. Super strong, lightweight high tensile light frames - mean easy handling and perhaps no need for crane hire, saving you further costs.
If you're doing it yourself, you get everything you need right down to the last nut, bolt and washer. Our kits come fully complete, ready to erect - there's nothing else to buy - nothing else to worry about!
The Savings Don't Stop There...
Our buildings are manufactured from universal beams, pipe, angle iron, or any other material. Our sheds are manufactured from a high tensile steel beam which means they are stronger and last longer, with little or no maintenance.
Our sheds are pre-engineered by our in-house structural engineer. This means that you don't need to engage another engineer for the structural designs. They are included with our building package - this alone will save you thousands of NRs………………….


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